World & She is a collection of stories about places I’ve been.

First I decided I wanted to travel around Asia, then I spent a few years saving the money I needed, then I quit my job, left my flat and booked a one-way flight to Bangkok. What happened next is all here, most of it anyway.

If I were to write a short bio of myself it would look a bit like this:  Former part-time Museum Assistant, part-time freelance writer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Graduate of a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Culture, which means whatever I want it to. Clinging to my twenties by my purple-painted fingernails and travelling in the hope that I’ll find what I’m looking for. Which is, I don’t know, something else.

Three things scare me, bats, Amoebic Dysentery and routine. To avoid routine, I’ve risked a confrontation with the other two and been lucky, so far. I’m a strong advocate of slow travel, I read, I think, I write, I sleep a lot. I don’t want time to move any quicker than it has to, not when life is so surprising.


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